BE United Soccer

Box Elder United, Incorporated
Bylaws, Rules, and Policies
1.01.1               NAME
1.01.01 The Soccer Club, hereafter referred to as “the club,” shall be known and registered as Box Elder United Soccer Club, and shall also be known as BE United. The club shall operate as a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Utah. The club shall maintain tax-exempt status in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and the laws of Utah. 
1.02                      PURPOSE
1.02.01                The purpose of the corporation is to form a soccer club, the purpose of which is to organize, promote, educate, and develop the recreation and competitive level play of soccer in Box Elder County and surrounding geographic areas.  The Corporation intends to comply with all regulations pursuant to IRS Code 501(c)(3), establishing requirements for non-profit corporations. The club’s goal is to foster an environment of personal development in the individual player as well as build a program that will assist in building teams capable of playing at the highest levels. The club will also advocate community involvement as well as good sportsmanship.
1.03                     AUTHORITY STRUCTURES
                            The Club shall be governed by its articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, and rules. 
1.04                      AFFILIATION
1.04.01                The club shall be an affiliate member with Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA), United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Neither the Club nor its members may join any organization whose requirements conflict with the bylaws, policies or the rules of the USSF. The club will register all of its players, coaches, teams, referees, and administrators with UYSA at least once a year and pay all dues and fees to UYSA in a timely manner according to accepted practices and policy as set by UYSA.      
1.05                      AUXILIARY AND ADVISORY ORGANIZATIONS     
1.05.01                 GENERAL: The Board of Directors may establish, authorize, or recognize auxiliary or advisory organizations of the Club, whether operating as separate not-for-profit corporations or as agencies of the club as it may deem appropriate.  Auxiliary and advisory organizations shall be subject to such conditions and reviews as the Board of Directors and State Council may determine from time to time. All programs and activities of such organizations shall be consistent with the rules and regulations that apply to the overall exemption of the association as a not-for-profit organization under IRS and State Tax Codes. 
1.05.02                  FINANCIAL REVIEW: The Club shall have the right to review and inspect the financial records of any auxiliary or advisory affiliation with the club. 
1.06                      AUTHORITY STRUCTURE
1.06.01                 This club shall be governed by its Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and rules, which shall take precedence over policies, and shall be consistent with the Constitution and Rules of the UYSA, the USSF and the USYSA, as such Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and rules are approved by the governing authority.
                              A. This Association shall provide annually to the UYSA: 1. a list of Board directors; 2. Proof of IRS 501(c)(3) status; 3. Copies of Club Bylaws; 4. Current financial Statement including income statement and balance sheet; 5. A schedule with dates, locations, and times of the club’s board of directors meetings, Annual General Meetings, and Elections. 
                              B. Copies of the Club’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Governing Documents shall be made available to its members through, but not limited to the internet.
                             C. All policy changes must be reported to the membership at the next Club Annual General Meeting (AGM).
1.06.02                 The governing authority of this Club  shall be the Board of Directors as defined by the Bylaws. The Board of Directors shall consist of elected officers and all others as defined by the bylaws.
1.06.03                 When the Club President is absent, the following order of leadership will be followed for the purpose of conducting necessary business: President Elect, Director of Coaching, Director of Recreation (after addition to program), Secretary.
1.06.04                The executive committee shall consist of the club board that have a vote. Executive member are listed under section 2.04.02 with the exception of treasurer and registrar, as they are paid employees.
1.06.05                 The Executive Committee is a planning and development committee, which will meet at least monthly during the playing season (Fall & Spring) and as needed the rest of the year. 
1.06.06                 In the case of business needing to be conducted between Board of Directors meetings, a board meeting can be called by a simple majority vote of the club board. Voting to call a meeting may take place by email; with email voting being allowed to take place over no less than a 24 hour period, or until a majority of the board’s votes are received. At an emergency meeting, all motions must pass by a 2/3 majority of attending members. 
1.06.07                 When a vote is needed quickly an email vote by the board of directors may be accepted. Votes will be recorded by the secretary after being sent to the President of the club. Motion will need a 2/3 majority to pass. 
1.07                     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
1.07.01                 The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year during the month of November. Notification     shall be made to all voting members and officers of the league at least 30 days prior to the meeting.  Notifications may be made by mail, publication, website or by email but not limited to these methods. 
1.07.02 The order of business at the AGM shall go as follows:
A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call and Presentation of board of directors
C. Acceptance of Minutes of Previous AGM
D. Reports of league activities and Finances
E. Proposals for Changes to the constitution, bylaws and rules
F. Introduction of Board Candidates
G. Election of officers
H. Adjournments
1.07.03 All nominations of Candidates for the Club Board of Directors must be submitted to the Club no later       than 14 days prior to the AGM. Nominations can be submitted in writing to the league address or may be sent via email to the Club President or Secretary. Nominations may be taken in writing before the start of the AGM. Nominations can be taken from the floor at AGM.  In cases where nomination have not been made the board may appoint members as needed and then ratified by the membership at the next AGM. 
1.07.04 All eligible voters shall cast 1 vote. Each eligible household shall cast 1 vote. Eligible households are defined as being a board member, coach, trainer, or have a player registered with BE United. Even if a household qualifies in multiple areas they still may only have 1 vote. Voting shall be done by secret ballot. A simple majority vote of eligible voters shall be required to determine all issues other than amendments to the league constitution, bylaws or rules which will require a 2/3 vote to change.  Votes will be tallied and newly elected officers shall take effect immediately upon election. The state will be notified within 14 working days of the election of any changes and new officers. 
1.07.05 A member of the club may proxy his/her vote to another club member in good standing. The proxy must be in writing and signed by the member. This written proxy must be submitted to the secretary of the club prior to the start of the business meeting.  No member may hold a proxy vote for more than one entity. 
1.08.01              Any proposal to amend the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of this club may be made by any club member, by the board of directors, or by a properly constituted committee of this club. Changes must be submitted in writing to the Club President or Club Secretary no later than 30 days prior to the AGM and must be circulated to the voting members no later than 15 days prior to the AGM. Proposed amendments may be circulated by mail, website, or email but not limited to these methods. 
1.08.02 Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of this Club shall be made at the AGM or at special meeting of the club called for that purpose. 
1.08.03 An Amendment to the Constitution, Bylaws, or Rules, shall be deemed adopted by a 2/3 majority of the votes present at the AGM, or other meeting called for that purpose. Amendments adopted shall be in effect immediately unless otherwise specified
1.09                     DISSOLUSION
1.09.01                Upon the winding up and dissolution of this corporation, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the corporations, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and /or scientific purposes, and which has established its tax exempt status under the section 501 © (3) of the IRS code. 
2.01                     AFFILIATION
2.01.01                 The following will be considered voting members for the purpose of Club Board Meetings:
                             A:     Voting Members:
1. Elected Club Officers of the Board of Directors, (i.e. Vice President, Director of Recreation, Director of Coaching, Referee Representative, Public Relations, Equipment Director, and Secretary)
2. Club President, with only a tie breaking vote        
2.01.02 Mandatory Registration: The club being affiliated with UYSA must register every soccer player, coach, and administrator. Volunteer disclosures must be filled in for every adult volunteer in the program within 30 days of appointment.     
2.01.03 Non- Affiliated teams; organizations, or groups may request affiliation in writing at any time. Such affiliation is subject to its members stated willingness to adhere to the constitution, bylaws and rules of the club, UYSA, USYSA, and USSF. The team or organization’s request for affiliation should be submitted to the Board of Director for approval. 
2.01.04 Non-Participation because of “bad standing”, Any team, official body of this club, or individual member determined to be in bad standing will not be allowed to participate in any UYSA activities (Tournaments, games, travel, etc.) This includes participation and voting at any and all meetings. 
Reasons for “bad standing” include but are not limited to:
1. Non-payment of fees
2. Non- Compliance of rules and/or policies
2.02.01                 The governing authority of the Club shall be composed of the following volunteer positions:
Club President
President Elect
Recreation Director (added later)
Director of Coaching
Referee Coordinator/Rep
Equipment Director
Public Relations/Community Involvement
Treasurer (no voting rights)
                              Registrar (no voting rights)
Other Club officers as approved by the board (must be ratified at the next AGM)
The officers and directors of the club must be legal citizens of the United States of America and residents of the state of Utah. No paid employee of the club may serve as a voting member on the Board of Directors.
2.02.02 Club meetings will be held at least monthly during the playing season (Fall & Spring) and as needed during the rest of the year. 
2.02.03 Each board member will have 1 vote with the exception of the Club President. The Club President may only have a vote when there is a tie. 
2.02.04 A majority of voting members must be present in order for a quorum to exist and a simple majority of the quorum votes shall determine all issues, with the exception of the removal of officers and Bylaw changes which will require a 2/3 majority.
2.02.05 The club will make reasonable attempt to advertise club meetings. Advertisements may be done by mail, email or web.
2.02.06 At the AGM, the following board officers shall be elected for a 2-year term but may serve no more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position. Term limits may be amended if passes by a 2/3 majority of membership at the AGM.
Voting shall be done in the following order:
1. Odd numbered years: President Elect, Recreation Director, Public Relations, Secretary
2. Even numbered years: President Elect, Director of coaching, Referee Rep, Equipment Manager, 
No officer shall hold more than 1 board voting position at the same time. An incumbent officer may be removed prior to completion of his/her term of office by a 3/4 vote of the body that elected him/her. In the event that a board member cannot complete their term he/she should resign by letter/email and the board will appoint someone to that position. This person must be ratified at the next AGM.
Non-Voting members of the board (ex. Treasurer and Registrar) shall be selected by the Club Board of Directors for 2 years and employed by the Club for that time. This non-voting member may reapply as they are interested. The paid members of the board are subject to employee review by the board. The treasurer will be looked at during the odd numbered years. The Registrar position will be evaluated on even numbered years. When these positions come open the board will post it for a minimum of 30 days prior to the election of the paid position. Application must be presented to the board a minimum 7 days before position is filled during board meeting. If no applications are received the board has the authority to appoint someone to these positions. Paid positions may not be related (by family or marriage) to any voting board member.
No voting board member may receive any financial gain for commission of their duties, except for reimbursement of approved expenses. Stipends may be accepted based on budget and must be put toward a player’s expenses not including tournament expenses.
2.03.01 The Club is responsible for scheduling play for recreation and developmental programs where applicable. No tryouts are held for developmental and recreation players. Every attempt will be made to form teams in neighborhoods.
2.03.02 The Club will provide a place for competitive players in Regional and State level play. The club will provide support for independent teams as well as club teams. Independent teams may be formed by individual coaches. Club teams will be leveled and developed at a higher level of play. Teams in the competitive bracket are encouraged to have tryouts but support will be given to find a place for all to play.
2.03.03 The Club shall have the authority to set their fee schedule subject to review in an independent audit by UYSA.
2.03.04 Signers on the club checking account shall be the Club President, President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary. Expenses must be approved by President and another signer on the account.
2.03.05 Independent teams will be defined as teams maintaining their own name as well as gathering their own players. These teams will be given assistance for registration as well as having a place to play for ages and levels of competition. Independent teams will provide their own uniforms as well as run their programs. These teams will still be subject to bylaws and board policies. 
2.03.06 Club Teams will share a common name. The club will hold tryouts and provide coaches for appropriate teams at appropriate levels.  Club will encourage higher level of play as well as more active and organized involvement in the community. Benefits may also include but are not limited to: higher level training for players and coaches, fundraisers, buying uniforms in bulk for more discounts. 
2.04.01 The Club board shall have the authority over and be responsible for:
A. Ensuring compliance with the bylaws and rules within the CLUB.
B. Establishing and enforcing Club rules governing play within its boundaries
C. Exercising full disciplinary authority within the Club as needed.
D.  Establishing Club procedures to provide for the necessary support of the club and for implementation of UYSA programs within the club.
E. The club shall ensure that proper elections are held within the club.
2.04.02                 JOB DESCRIPTIONS of BOARD POSITIONS
The governing authority of BE United shall be vested in a board of directors which should be composed of the following positions:
A. CLUB PRESIDENT: the President is responsible for representing the interests of the players that reside within Box Elder County. The president shall preside at and conduct all meetings of the club board and shall be responsible for establishing and staffing the club in all areas necessary to provide a complete soccer program in the Club. The president shall be responsible for implementing and enforcing the UYSA constitution, bylaws and rules within the Club. The president will manage funds and finances and act as the chief signer. The club president has the authority to make decisions without having to call a board meeting. Such decisions are subject to ratification by the board. The president is responsible to attend Region and state meetings and report back to the Club. Club President will serve Two years. 
B. PRESIDENT ELECT: Sits as the Vice President on the board and shall become the President after their 1 year term as President Elect is over. This director is over the competition program in the area. This Director will assist in putting teams together, assist in securing fields, and keep field maintained as necessary (fields painted, nets secured and ready.) The 1st year is a training year and will assist the president as needed.  
C. DIRECTOR OF RECREATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Shall oversee the recreational program within the club. This director will work with UYSA to administer a developmental program in Box Elder County.  This position will be added in after board gets competition program established.
D. COACHING DIRECTOR: shall be responsible for planning and conducting coaches’ meeting for all recreation and competition coaches prior to the start of season. This person will be a support person for all coaches within the club and may delegate as needed to be able to provide support for all coaches. Director will also assist in recruiting coaches. Director will notify/provide coaches training classes when available. May also provide training in best practices of coaching. A minimum coaching license level of an “E”, with a recommendation level of a “D” is needed to be eligible for the position.
E. REFEREE COORDINATOR/ REPRESENTATIVE: shall be responsible for recruiting referees as well as assisting in their development and training.  
F. PUBLIC RELATIONS: shall be responsible for setting up community service activities as well as taking picture at such events. This person shall be in charge of any public event of the club such as parades, fundraising, and items submitted to newspapers, or web items.  This person is recommended to have his or her own committee for support.
G. EQUIPMENT DIRECTOR: shall be responsible for pricing, ordering, and distributing all equipment and uniforms. This person shall keep inventory of all equipment purchased by the club and submit a cost estimate to the board prior to purchasing. 
H. SECRETARY: shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, handle all correspondence, give notice of meetings and maintain files of the club. The secretary shall prepare agenda for board meetings and be point of contact for adding agenda items. Secretary will assist president in corresponding with coaches.
I. TREASURER:  shall give a receipt for all monies that shall be deposited in a federally insured financial institution in the name of the club. All accounts shall be paid by check after approval by the club president or vice presidents. They shall prepare and present financial reports at every meeting. The treasurer may assist the board in setting fees and provide other services as requested by the board. May be a paid position.
J. REGISTRAR:  Shall be responsible for the annual or semi- annual registration of players in the club. Registrar will be responsible for advertising and orchestrating registration season.  This person will be in charge of the collection of paperwork necessary for registration. This position should work with Vice President to increase enrolment. This person will work with treasurer to account for registration moneys. May be a paid position.
2.04.03 The president, subject to the approval of the board, may appoint officers to assist in the administration of the club. These positions may be ratified at the next AGM. Other positions may include but are not limited to:
A.  Area Leader
B. Field Coordinator/Marshals
C. Match Scheduler
D. Volunteer Coordinator
2.05.01 All officers may be removed at any time prior to completion of their term, with or without cause by the affirmative vote of 75% of the eligible voting board members. 
2.05.02 When any office becomes vacant because of the removal or resignation of the incumbent, the board of directors of the club shall appoint an individual to fill this office until the next AGM. At the next AGM, an election by all eligible league members shall take place to fill the vacancy. In the event it is the president that is vacant. The President Elect will fulfill the role of president until it is filled.
2.06.01 Meeting shall be run informally according to an agenda. When more formal meetings are necessary the meetings will be conducted in accordance with parliamentary procedures, with Robert’s Rules of Order being the standard reference in the event of dispute.
As of 8/8/2012