BE United Soccer


May 7, 2019
Dear BE United Parents and Coaches,
BE United will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the Box Elder High School Football Field.  This meeting is for board members, coaches, trainers, and parents with a player registered with BE United. This meeting is very important in shaping the future of the club and we encourage you all to attend as you will also be able to participate in the election of new board members.
This year you will have the chance to vote in new members of United's Board.  Ryan Arrington (Treasurer), Donna Maddox (Equiptment Manager), and Leanne Brockbank (Secretary) have been in our positions for at least 3 years and we can't thank them enough for their service and help with the other board members to get the club to where we are currently.  During our time, it has been amazing to watch the club get better and our family grow.  We each have some exciting opportunities in our lives that will require more of our attention, so we will be passing on this great opportunity to serve as a board member the next person to continue helping United reach our fullest potential. 
United continues to thrive on the ideas and efforts of our members.  Only with you can we continue to be the best soccer program in Northern Utah.
All nominations of Candidates for the Club Board of Directors should be submitted by emailing before May 31st. (current members will be there to help with transition
Please see responsibilities for open positions below and consider how you can help continue to move our organization forward.
BE United Board
*  Give a receipt for all monies that shall be deposited in a federally insured financial institution in the name of the club; Deposits be submitted on a timely basis (within three banking days)
*  Prepare and present financial reports at every meeting
*  Assist the board in setting fees and provide other services as requested by the board.
*  Complete file annual tax return
*  Submit documents annually to UYSA to retain club membership
*  Reconcile bank statement monthly
*  Pay invoices and reimbursements on a timely basis
*  Submit applicable documents to maintain 501(c)3 status with the IRS
*  Safeguard club credit card and monitor it’s use/reconcile to credit card statement
*  Ensure Nets and Goals are ready at beginning of season and taken down and stored at the end of the season
*  Keep inventory of all equiptment purchased by the club and submit a cost estimate to the boar prior to purchasing
* Keep an accurate record of all meeting
* Handle all corespondence, give notice of meetings and maintain files of the club
* Prepare agenda or board meetings and be point of contact for adding agenda items
* Assist president in corresponding with coaches